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This administrative building was built in compliance with the HPE (High Energy Performance) requirements for new buildings, as the headquarters of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Geneva.

Médecins Sans Frontières headquarters


The design and supervision of the heating, cooling, ventilation and MCR control systems.


Within the context of this new building project, we developed, in collaboration with our client, various technical concepts to meet the environmental requirements associated with the construction of the building. These included, in particular:

  • The use of a GENILAC network to provide refrigeration with limited energy impact for the cooling of administrative areas, using radiating panels and fan coil units, as well as for the air-conditioning of IT rooms equipped with air-conditioning cabinets.
  • The use of the GENILAC-heating network for ambient heating by way of different types of distributors.
  • Ventilation provided by double-flow monoblocs with heat recovery for the offices and auditorium, and single-flow monoblocs equipped with hydraulic heat recovery for the exhaust air.
  • A supervision system which enables monitoring and adjustment of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems in real time according to need.

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