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Designed by the Berlin architects Sauerbruch & Hutton in response to an international private tender, the building on Boulevard Saint-Georges presents a colourful, arched curtain wall on its exterior, designed to ensure the protection of the offices from sunlight and to optimise the building´s energy efficiency.

The St Georges Centre


The design and supervision of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations - the Minergie label


In partnership with ARUP in Berlin
The following technologies were analysed, designed and subsequently implemented to achieve the energy-related objectives of this project:

  • heat pump with geothermal probes.
  • geocooling (refrigeration provided by geothermal probes).
  • active tiles (hot/cold radiation surfaces) and fan coil units in false floors.
  • ventilation and air treatment with heat recovery.
  • photovoltaic system.
  • digital regulation system with a control centre.

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