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Located between the urban area and the Geneva countryside, the Frontenex 7 plateau is set in the heart of a forested park. This residential building was constructed in compliance with the Very High Energy Performance (VHEP) requirements for the construction of new buildings.

Plateau de Frontenex 7 


The design and supervision of heating, cooling, ventilation and RCM installations.


We developed a series of technical concepts together with our client, to meet the building's Very High Energy Performance (VHEP) requirements. Specifically:

  • A water/water heat pump (PAC) that recovers heat from wastewater to produce the building's domestic hot water (DHW) supply.
  • A shared heat generation system for both buildings using a high-efficiency gas condensing boiler with modulating output, which distributes the heat to two substations that supply the underfloor heating in the apartments.
  • The refrigeration of the apartments during the summer season based on the wastewater heat recovery system.
  • The ventilation of the apartments using double-flow roof-mounted mono-blocks with heat recovery. The blown air is distributed via ducts incorporated into the floor slab, then onwards to curtain galleries.
  • Car park ventilation provided by a single air supply unit and two extraction turrets, all controlled by an exhaust gas detection system (CO / NO).
  • The installation of a photovoltaic roof system to produce electricity for self-consumption by the communal areas of the buildings.
  • A supervision system for monitoring and adapting the operation of the facilities in real time, according to the need.

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